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DraftKings and SB Nation team up to create DraftKings Nation

Vox Media’s SB Nation and DraftKings have decided to team up via a multi-year editorial and technology deal, creating the new DraftKings Nation. The new media property will immediately focus on the 2019 NFL season and expand in the future to include other professional sports like the NCAA football and basketball as well as the NBA and MLB, among other sports.

DraftKings Nation:

The new creation will combine the community-building capabilities of SB with the deep insight of DraftKings on how fans engage and immerse in the sports they love. During the next few months, the newsroom will expand and DraftKings Nation will begin to provide original content as well as key insight, analysis and lifestyle coverage regarding all avenues of daily fantasy and sports betting.

According to daily fantasy sports content provider…

Chairman and CEO of Vox Media, Jim Bankoff, commented on the new partnership by stating: “Over the past decade, SB Nation has honed a unique ability to engage massive fan communities while Vox Media’s innovative technology platforms, Chorus and Concert, have accelerated that growth. Now, in partnership with DraftKings, we have combined our editorial vision and expertise, paired with our technology capabilities to serve passionate sports fans in this fast-growing area.”

The new creation will operate on Chorus, the proprietary publishing platform of Vox Media. Additionally, it will join close to 300 communities within the network of SB Nation dedicated to teams and passions encompassing several sports leagues including the NBA, NHL, NCAA and NFL.

Extending Partnership Agreements:

DraftKings has been busy as of late signing new partnership deals and extending contracts. Just a few weeks ago, the company announced a contract extension had been signed with the Kambi Group. A multi-state option as signed, which allows the partnership to extend within eight additional states.

DraftKings and SB Nation team up to create DraftKings Nation

Kambi and the fantasy sports brand were already working together in New Jersey and will now be able to move their contract into even more states including New York, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Tennessee, among others.